Spring SimpleJdbcCall And Oracle Synonyms

After upgrading the Spring framework from <4.2.2.RELEASE> to <5.0.2.RELEASE> I can't call a stored procedure in my Oracle database using synonyms (SimpleJdbcCall). I noticed that as my code started to throw

Unable to determine the correct call signature - no procedure/function/signature for "name of my stored procedure"

exceptions. Then I debugged and found out that the stored procedure can't be found if it's behind a synonym. With the old Spring version that was not a problem. So what did they change and what can I do now? I read about retrieving the original Oracle connection from the Datasource and activating the synonym flag there:

But that does not seem to me to be a "beautiful" solution...



Since I did not find any other solution, I switched from SimpleJdbcCall to the usual Spring JdbcTemplate and called my stored procedure with

private jdbcTemplate = new JdbcTemplate(myDataSource);
  CallableStatement callableStatement = jdbcTemplate.getDataSource().getConnection().prepareCall("{call PACKAGE_NAME.STORED_PROCEDURE_NAME}");
} catch(SQLException e)

That worked fine then.

Update: The problem was fixed in Spring 5.0.4.RELEASE, consider