Split Values In Data Frame Columns

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I have a Data Frame name df and I want to remove this '|' in fuel column

id  car       fuel
1   Mercedes  petrol|diesel|gas
2   Audi      gas|petrol   

So that my data look like this

id  car        fuel
1   Mercedes   petrol
1   Mercedes   diesel
1   Mercedes   gas
2   Audi       gas
2   Audi       petrol

This is the code that I tried

df_1 = hb.copy()
df_2 = hb.copy()
df_3 = hb.copy()

df_1['fuel'] = df_1['fuel'].apply(lambda x:x.split('|')[0])
df_2['fuel'] = df_2['fuel'].apply(lambda x:x.split('|')[1])
df_3['fuel'] = df_3['fuel'].apply(lambda x:x.split('|')[2])

And this give IndexError: list index out of range



Try this:

    df=pd.DataFrame({'car':['Mercedes','Audi'],'fuel':['petrol|diesel|gas','gas|petrol']}) #your dataframe
    df2=pd.DataFrame()                                       #new black dataframe
    for i in range(0,len(df)):                               #iterating over df
        list1=df.iloc[i,1].split('|')                        #split each value of 'fuel' and store it in a list
        for j in range(0,len(list1)):                        #iterating over list1
            list2={'car':df.iloc[i,0],'fuel':list1[j]}       #make a dict of each combination of 'car' and elements of list1-'fuel'
            df2=df2.append(list2,ignore_index=True)          #append each value to the blank df