Spatie/Newsletter: MailChimp Invalid MailChimp API Key `` Supplied In Laravel 5.6

Good morning all of you,

I'm currently working on using spatie/newsletter in my laravel 5.6 Blog to work with MailChimp to create a newsletter where users can subscribe.

When I try to subscribe, I get this response:

 "message": "Invalid MailChimp API key `` supplied.",
 "exception": "Exception",
 "line": 49,

My Controller

namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Newsletter;
class SubscribeController

    public function subscribe(Request $request)
        if (!filter_var($request->email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) {
            return "Die eingegebene Email ist nicht gültig.";
        } else {
            if (Newsletter::isSubscribed($request->email)) {
                return "Du bist bereits mit dieser Mail in meiner Mailingliste eingetragen.";
            } else {
                if (!(Newsletter::subscribeOrUpdate($request->email))) {
                    return "Leider gab es ein Problem, bitte versuche es später noch einmal.";
                } else {
                    return "Ihre Email " . $request->email . " wurde zu meiner Mailingliste hinzugefügt.";

Env File


newsletter.php (after running php artisan vendor:publish -provider="Spatie\Newsletter\NewsletterServiceProvider")


return [
    'apiKey' => env('MAILCHIMP_APIKEY'),

    'defaultListName' => 'nameOfListInMailChimp',

    'lists' => [
        'subscribers' => [

            'id' => env('MAILCHIMP_LIST_ID'),
    'ssl' => true,


I have also added the

into the app/config providers aswell as

'Newsletter' => Spatie\Newsletter\NewsletterServiceProvider::class,

to the aliases in the app/config.

I really don't know why it is not working at this point.

I tried to give all necessary information. Api Key is valid and Status is ok. List Id is valid aswell.

Thank you in advance! Domi



I found the solution myself, it took me a while to figure it out.

First: In the newsletter.php class, when I configured my lists, I forgot to change the name of the list from 'subsribers' to 'nameOfListInMailChimp'.

Second thing I needed to do was:

  • php artisan config:cache

Because every time you make a change in the .env file, you have to clear the cache to make the changes work.

I hope this is helpful for other people, this basically could be used as a complete How- to-configure Spatie Newsletter ;)