Solaris Core Dump Analysis

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I use pstack to analyze core dump files in Solaris

How else can I analyze the core dump from solaris?

What commands can be used to do this?

What other information will be available from the dump?



You can use Solaris modular debugger,mdb, or dbx. mdb comes with SUNWmdb (or SUNWmdb x for the 64 bits version) package.

A core file is the image of your running process at the time it crashed.

Depending on whether your application was compiled with debug flags or not,you will be able to view an image of the stack, hence to know which function caused the core, to get the value of the parameters that were passed to that function, the value of the variables, the allocated memory zones ...

On recent solaris versions, you can configure what the core file will contain with the coreadm command ; for instance, you can have the mapped memory segments the process were attached to.

Refer to MDB documentation and dbx documentation. The GDB quick reference card is also helpful once you know the basics of GDB.