Socket Is Creating A Single Instance . How To Create This Application From Multiple Clients?

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I am using Flask server. I am capturing face from front-end and sending it to the flask server and server detects the face and returns if there is a face or not.But the problem is only one connection is there between a client and a server. Can you please tell me how to create multiple clients for socket? Except (rooms and namespaces) Thank you !

Here is some code

from flask import Flask, render_template, redirect, url_for
from flask_socketio import SocketIO
import face_reg

app = Flask(__name__)
app.config['SECRET_KEY'] = 'vnkdjnfjknfl1232#'
socketio = SocketIO(app,cors_allowed_origins='*')

def sessions():
    return render_template('flask_index.html')

def messageReceived(methods=['GET', 'POST']):
    print('message was received!!!')

global result

def success():
    return render_template('success.html')

def failure():
    return render_template('failure.html')

@socketio.on('my event')
def handle_my_custom_event(json, methods=['GET', 'POST']):
    result = 1
    socketio.emit('my response', result, callback=messageReceived)

if __name__ == '__main__':,host='',port=8083)


var socket = io.connect('https://' + document.domain + ':' + location.port);

 socket.on( 'my response', function( msg ) {

            if(msg == 0){
                window.location.href = "/failure";
            else if(msg == 1){
                window.location.href = "/success";  

// Sending message to server
    function sendMessage(img,name1){
    console.log("Sending message: ",img)
        socket.emit( 'my event', {
                img_data : img,
                    name : name1
        } )


The mistake I was doing was very small, I was returning response using socket.emit which was sending response to all client, so I replaced it with emit which sends response to particular client only.