Ad Dont Update When I Use Chat Rooms

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I have tried for 2 hours to get it working with NO success. const stock = io.of('/stocks'); stock.on('connection', socket => {

When i do that my messages is not updating on the client side..

But when i do this: io.on('connection', socket => { then it works. But i need to have different chat rooms. And i have no idea why the io.of not works.

I have tried with everything that has come to my head. I dont understand why it just works when i dont use the io.of, it is really weird.

What can i do for it to work correctly?



custom namespace in, you have to decare it first, then connect.

const nsp = io.of('/my-namespace');
nsp.on('connection', function(socket){
                       console.log('someone connected');
nsp.emit('hi', 'everyone!');