Skip Laravel's FormRequest Validation

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I've recently added HaveIBeenPwned to my form request class to check for cracked passwords. Given that this makes an external API call, is there a way for me to skip either this validation rule or the FormRequest class altogether during testing?

Here's the request I make in my test.

    $params = [
        'first_name' => $this->faker->firstName(),
        'last_name' => $this->faker->lastName(),
        'email' => $email,
        'password' => '$password',
        'password_confirmation' => '$password',
        'terms' => true,
        'invitation' => $invitation->token

    $response = $this->json('POST', '/register-invited', $params);

The functionality I'm testing resides on a controller. In my test I POST an array of data that passes through a FormRequest with the following rules.

 public function rules()
 return [
  'first_name' => 'required|string|max:70',
  'last_name' => 'required|string|max:70',
  'email' => 
  'password' => 'required|string|min:8|pwned|confirmed',
   'is_trial_user' => 'nullable|boolean',
   'terms' => 'required|boolean|accepted',

I want to override the 'pwned' rule on the password so I can just get to the controller without having to worry about passing validation.



With the information provided I'd say you are executing an integration test which does an actual web request. In such a context I'd say it's fine for your test suite to connect to a 3rd party since that's part of 'integrating'.

In case you still prefer to mock the validation rule you could swap out the Validator using either the swap

$mock = Mockery::mock(Validator::class);

Or by replacing its instance in the service container

$mock = Mockery::mock(Validator::class);

Alternatively you could mock the Cache::remember() call which is an interal part of the Pwned validation rule itself. Which would result into something like

   ->andReturn(new \Illuminate\Support\Collection([]));