Simple Javascript Not Working In Shopify

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I give up, I can't get this to work even though in the Shopify documentation it says it should. I just need to turn off the loading spinner.

Here is my javascript

<script type="text/javascript">

And then this is the documentation from Shopify:


Stops the loading spinner. Should probably be called on every page in ShopifyApp.ready().

There is nothing in the application.html.erb file or the embedded_app.html.erb file that would override this..

I found other people with the same issue.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?



I think you're missing a key debugging check. Check your console, specifically the console logs for the embedded App iframe. I bet you'll find one of two things.

  1. you made a JS error and therefore that code is not running (the code you pasted is correct and does work)

  2. there is another process not working, like a connection to a network resource (websocket??)

Anytime some Shopify embedded App code borks, you might see the loading bar go slowly and forever. These events are usually short-lived.

My guess is, you have a JS error in your code, so as soon as you fix that, your loading bar issues will disappear.