Show Python Ftp File Upload Messages

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I have a remote FTP server where I want to upload new firmware images. When using the linux ftp client I can do this using put <somefile> the server then responds with status messages like:

ftp> put TS252P005.bin flash
local: TS252P005.bin remote: flash
200 PORT command successful
150 Connecting to port 40929
226-File Transfer Complete. Starting Operation:
Checking file integrity...
Updating firmware...
Result: Success
421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection
38563840 bytes sent in 6.71 secs (5.4779 MB/s)

Now I can upload the file using python as well using ftplib:

    fw_path = ....
    ip = ....
    user = ...
    pw = ....
    with open(fw_path, "rb") as f:
        with ftplib.FTP(ip) as ftp:
            ftp.login(user=user, passwd=pw)
            ftp.storbinary("stor flash", f)

But I can't see a way for me to get the status messages that I can see using the ftp utility. This is important for me because I need to check that the update actually succeeded.

How can I get this output in my python program? I'm also willing to use a different library if ftplib can't do it.

Any help is appreciated!



If you want to check the response programatically, check the result of FTP.storbinary:

print(ftp.storbinary("stor flash", f))

Though as your server actually closes the connection before even sending a complete response, the FTP.storbinary throws an exception.

If you want to read the partial response, you will have to re-implement what the FTP.storbinary does. Like

ftp.voidcmd('TYPE I')
with ftp.transfercmd("STOR flash") as conn:
    while 1:
        buf =
        if not buf:
line = ftp.getline()
if line[3:4] == '-':
    code = line[:3]
    while 1:
        nextline = self.getline()
        if nextline[:3] == code and nextline[3:4] != '-':

If you want to check the response manually, enable logging using FTP.set_debuglevel.