Shopify Theme Kit On Local Machine

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Seriously, how do you get this to work?

I've installed the theme in the root of my OSX 10.11.16 then and to my bash_profile:

export PATH="~/.themekit:$PATH"

Restarted my terminal and theme gives me some commands so I assume all is ok. No?

In the directory I want to work in, I've created a config.yml file:

  theme_id: 123456
  password: f821e54-SOMEPASSWORD-4ed1b82ed1
  bucket_size: 40
  refill_rate: 2
  concurrency: 2

The password I got from the Authentication section of my private app. The command theme download gives me this:

[ThemeKit - Shopify Theme Utilities v0.4.2 Author: Chris Saunders]

2016/08/19 15:12:35 Server responded with HTTP 403; please check your credentials.

The password is correct. 100% correct. Is there an update to this Utility? How do you get this to work? Have a missed a step?



I'm making an answer out of the comment just in case someone else runs into this issue.

There's been an update on Permissions that now discriminate the kind of access you allow for every Private App.

enter image description here

It's required for ThemeKit or any other way you're pushing updates to your Shopify Theme to count with Read and write on Theme templates and theme assets.

Shopify Docs on the matter are pretty slim, but also self explanatory. Here's a breakdown of the different scopes.