Shopify Liquid - Forlooping On Strings

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I have just started using shopify and have run into my first issue I have not been able to solve though the shopify docs or google searches. My goal to my mind a simple one but has given me much trouble. So here it is.

Using liquids schema I have created a variable input of type text(string) with a value of no importants. What is important is the ability to loop through the input variable so that i can look at each character in a dynamic manner.

Variations Tried:

{% for char in section.settings.input %} // Loop 1
    {{ char }} <-- char is never displayed -->
{% endfor %}

{% for input_idx in (0..section.settings.input.size) %} // Loop 2
    <div class="example 1">{{section.settings.input[input_idx]}}</div>
    <div class="example 2">{{section.settings.input[forloop.index]}}</div>
    <div class="example 3">{{section.settings.input | split: input_idx}}</div>
{% endfor %}


So far in every variation tried I can not isolate the characters of the string. Loop 2 allows me to loop the length of the string but not access individual parts of it.

If what I'm suggesting is not possible is there a way to split the string into and array dynamically.

I haven't posted in a long time so sorry if I've forgotten or made a mistake. Thanks for any help I'm stuck so any ideas are appreciated.



You need to split the string and make it in array before looping it.

So you just need to do the following:

{% assign text_arr = section.settings.input | split: '' %}

Where split: '' will split every character. Then you loop the text_arr instead.