Shopify Invalid Token And Password Error

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I am getting this error :

    "errors": "[API] Invalid API key or access token (unrecognized login or wrong password)"

Can anyone help me About the URL or why this error is coming. I am right now using Postman.

Url I am hitting :


Also can anyone tell me what's the pass here and token. Maybe that can be the error. I searched in shopify account there is no password in my app. Is it my account password ? And also should this password be encoded or not ?

Maybe this answer is already given before but I didn't find it. Can you lead me to it also?



I think you are stuck in public apps for shopify. Password is for Private Apps. Rather going on the developer account, go to the main admin account OR follow this URL:

Here, you create a new private app and you will be able to find the password there.