Shopify - I Can Access A JSON Object From The Browser Console, But Not From The Theme File

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I'm using the GET/cart.js call in an asset on my theme to get the cart contents in the form of a JSON object like this:

var response = jQuery.getJSON('/cart.js');

I then try to log to the console the contents of the object like this (within the same snippet file, right after making the call):

$( document ).ready(function() {

I get a TypeError: response.responseJSON is undefined within the console. If I try to log the same thing again within the console (console.log(response.responseJSON.items[0]);), it works and it prints the first item of the cart.

I tried checking the object until it isn't undefined anymore with a while loop and I also tried console logging only after the page fully loaded.

For sake of clarity, these are the full contents of my snippet:

var response = jQuery.getJSON('/cart.js');
$( document ).ready(function() {

How can I make this work straight from my snippet file?

EDIT: I should mention that the object is already parsed, so that's not the reason it's giving me undefined. I did try parsing it just for the sake of it, but it gave me another error.

EDIT 2: Here's the JSON I get from the call:

  "readyState": 4,
  "responseText": "{\"token\":\"4472c3d68931e8fe2bff0afcca67a188\",\"note\":null,\"attributes\":{},\"original_total_price\":39800,\"total_price\":39800,\"total_discount\":0,\"total_weight\":0.0,\"item_count\":2,\"items\":[{\"id\":16640068878400,\"properties\":null,\"quantity\":2,\"variant_id\":16640068878400,\"key\":\"16640068878400:94cf8752e20f28a3f675ee10f8e5cc72\",\"title\":\"Compleu Abby - 60\",\"price\":19900,\"original_price\":19900,\"discounted_price\":19900,\"line_price\":39800,\"original_line_price\":39800,\"total_discount\":0,\"discounts\":[],\"sku\":\"2558\",\"grams\":0,\"vendor\":\"33 Aya\",\"taxable\":true,\"product_id\":1710662484032,\"gift_card\":false,\"url\":\"\\/products\\/compleu-abby?variant=16640068878400\",\"image\":\"https:\\/\\/\\/s\\/files\\/1\\/0087\\/2500\\/4352\\/products\\/61_b38d4463-58b7-4569-bf0c-71b59fcb6e28.jpg?v=1544168500\",\"handle\":\"compleu-abby\",\"requires_shipping\":true,\"product_type\":\"\",\"product_title\":\"Compleu Abby\",\"product_description\":\"Compus din bluză dantelă cu tricot, eșarfă și pantalon tricot.\\n*eșarfa nu este inclusă în preț, este oferită cadou și poate varia în funcție de stocul disponibil\",\"variant_title\":\"60\",\"variant_options\":[\"60\"]}],\"requires_shipping\":true,\"currency\":\"RON\"}",
  "responseJSON": {
    "token": "4472c3d68931e8fe2bff0afcca67a188",
    "note": null,
    "attributes": {},
    "original_total_price": 39800,
    "total_price": 39800,
    "total_discount": 0,
    "total_weight": 0,
    "item_count": 2,
    "items": [
        "id": 16640068878400,
        "properties": null,
        "quantity": 2,
        "variant_id": 16640068878400,
        "key": "16640068878400:94cf8752e20f28a3f675ee10f8e5cc72",
        "title": "Compleu Abby - 60",
        "price": 19900,
        "original_price": 19900,
        "discounted_price": 19900,
        "line_price": 39800,
        "original_line_price": 39800,
        "total_discount": 0,
        "discounts": [],
        "sku": "2558",
        "grams": 0,
        "vendor": "33 Aya",
        "taxable": true,
        "product_id": 1710662484032,
        "gift_card": false,
        "url": "/products/compleu-abby?variant=16640068878400",
        "image": "",
        "handle": "compleu-abby",
        "requires_shipping": true,
        "product_type": "",
        "product_title": "Compleu Abby",
        "product_description": "Compus din bluză dantelă cu tricot, eșarfă și pantalon tricot.\n*eșarfa nu este inclusă în preț, este oferită cadou și poate varia în funcție de stocul disponibil",
        "variant_title": "60",
        "variant_options": [
    "requires_shipping": true,
    "currency": "RON"
  "status": 200,
  "statusText": "OK"


You should pass a callback when making the request (see the first example in the jQuery getJSON docs) rather than assuming it's completed and using the jqXHR object:

$(document).ready(function() {
  $.getJSON('/cart.js', function (data ) {

For more info on async requests in Javascript, see this excellent answer