Shopify GraphQL CustomerAccessToken

I'm currently customising a Shopify App, allowing users to edit their profiles.

I am using the Shopify Webfront API with GraphQL, specifically the "CustomerUpdate" mutation:

Calling the GraphQL end point using jQuery AJAX.

However, the method requires a CustomerAccessToken parameter but I am unsure how is this generated; the Customer Shopify Liquid class does not have it, and the main searches for Shopify CustomerAccessTokens end up revolving around Shopify API Tokens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

TLDR: Unsure how to generate the CustomerAccessToken for the GraphQL CustomerUpdate mutation.

Cheers Xavier



Click the getting started link on the API documentation. Follow the instructions for the type of API you will be using.

You can get a storefront access token by creating a private app or by using the REST API.

Customer Access tokens are created, deleted or renewed through a API calls.

In general, you would send the same username and email to the create access token that you send to create customer. You would then use that access token to update the customer.