Shopify Extract Orders + Marketing Action

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I need to extract all of our orders from a Shopify shop in order to analyze them. When I check the shops backend, I can see if and where the order is coming from (ppc, organic).

Downloading the excel files, this information is missing. Looking at the API documentation, I can find an object called marketingEvent, which has (i) a marketing_channel and (ii) a paid flag:

but I'm not sure if this is what I am looking for and how a marketingEvent object is related to an order.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks, E.



From your description it seems like you are discussing about Conversion Summary. However, it is not possible to export this data with Orders Export as per this forum post. HOwever, if you have a look at API reference for Orders, there are few properties that may help you.

  • client_details
  • landing_site
  • referring_site

client_details will allow you to see the details like broswer and locale.

landing_site will allow you to see the the additional UTM etc parameters that may provide you the additional information.

referring_site will define if it was a direct visit or some site that referred visitor to your store.

For more information on Conversion tracking have a look at Shopify documentation.