Shopify_app Gem Webhooks Not Working On Heroku Environment

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I use the shopify_app gem to add webhooks to my app. They work as expected in my local environment, but when I use the app from my Heroku environment, nothing happens when I do actions that should trigger the webhooks, nor is there any errors or anything at all in the logs.

Any ideas for how I should proceed to determine what the error is?

Update c.f. Davids comment (thanks for the input David):

I've added a call to the API to see which webhooks are installed for the app, and I can see the webhooks have not been succesfully installed - I will dig into this.

My procfile for Heroku has the following content:

web: bundle exec rails s
webpacker: ruby bin/webpack-dev-server
inventoryworker: bundle exec sidekiq -q default -q urgent -c 3
clock: bundle exec clockwork scheduler.rb

The Heroku setup is as follows:

  • one dyno for "web bundle exec rails s"
  • one dyno for "clock bundle exec clockwork scheduler.rb"
  • one dyno for "inventoryworker bundle exec sidekiq -q default -q urgent -c 3"
  • one off dyno for "webpacker ruby bin/webpack-dev-server"

I am expecting the webhooks to be handled by inventoryworker?

Thanks, -Louise



Thanks to Davids hints I found out that the webhooks were not installed. Looking at the logs during install I saw that the installation of webhooks works by adding a job to a queue - this queue name was not included in my configuration of starting sidekiq and for this reasonn webhooks were not installed.

Thanks, -Louise