SET The Value Of A Shopify Option Selector / Change Selected Variant Via Javascript

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I am building a custom "subscription builder" where customers select options, proceed to the next step and at the end click checkout; their options reflected in the variant selected.

The way Im going about this is by hiding shopify's selectors and setting them manually using $().val(); This accurately changes the selectors (checking in inspector), but Shopify does not recognize these changes for some reason and so the product added to the cart is the default. I am obviously missing something - is this even possible?

[Code Redacted for uselessness]

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Shopify's option_selection.js controls this and has a "Product" and "OptionSelector" object.

OptionSelector has a function selectVariant(id, selector) that will properly set it given you have the full variant identifier.

In your product_form.liquid you will see a place that does new OptionSelector(args). You simply save what it returns, i.e.

selector = new OptionSelector(...); 

then you can do

selector.selectVariant("123456789", selector); 

This will properly set the variant for the checkout button. You can then either hide the 'shopify' selectors with css / js or keep them or modify the option_selection.js code yourself by downloading from here.

Furthermore, I've discovered more useful things one can do:

selector.selectors[index].element.value {get; set;} //much cleaner method of accessing selector elements 
selector.product.getVariant(selector.selectedValues()).id // gets the variant id for you so you do not need to hardcore them in

EDIT: Dave has kindly pointed out that


Would have done what I wanted, but points out (and I agree) that using OptionSelector is more of a robust method.