Server Sends Data While IOS App Is Terminated

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I have an application which has communication with a remote server. The server should push data into it using remote notification silently, and I need to get and store these data into a CoreData database. The user won't be aware of the whole process.

I can successfully get notified when the app receives a remote notification, while it is either in the foreground or background mode. However, I need to get data while the app is terminated as well.

I searched for the possible solutions. For example, this SO question was good if I don't tend to use silent notification. I also saw the PushKit capability, but I am not sure about the Apple Review result.

  1. What is the possible solution?
  2. If I want to use VoIP and PushKit to get notified when the app is terminated, would Apple reject my application?


If you’re not creating a VoIP app and you want your app to be in the App Store then the correct answer is: it is not possible. The only thing that can be done is adjusting your requirements in some way.

For instance you can send some notifications that will be visible for user in the Notification Center and wait until the user taps the notification or starts the app the usual way. Then the app will be able to do all the operations you need.