SEO-wise, Can I Rewrite Image Links Live Via JQuery?

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I am designing a rather complex homepage of a website. The page will contain a slider with some images, the path of which has to be corrected on document.ready. After the path can be determined, I plan to change it in the image tags via jQuery. Until now, these images have had a valid path, but one that will be changed to another valid path.

So, the process is as follows:

  1. Page loads with some images in the slider (valid URLs pointing to some images)
  2. jQuery executes and changes the URLs of the images

Is this OK from a SEO perspective?



Generally Google today Execute JavaScript, there are evidence of so

So if you set the script at document load it's totally fine,

What I can recommend to you is to use some frequently used library such as :

In addition to SEO friendly you will get an Mobile friendly version of you images when you specify the required tags so you will benefit from mobile friendly factor: