SEO URL Redirection Using PHP

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I want to know what is best SEO redirection, 301 or 302?

I want to redirect some URL to PayPal purchase page, What the best 301 or 302?

For example:

I want to redirect this link:
To PayPal purchase page:

301 or 302?




The rules have changed (at least for Google)

It used to be 301 Redirection, but Google's John Mueller announced in February 2016 that it doesn't matter anymore:

Do I lose "link juice" from the redirects?

No, for 301 or 302 redirects from HTTP to HTTPS no PageRank is lost.

So what should I use?

Since the SEO doesn't matter, you should use the HTTP codes as advertised:

  • 301 for permanent redirections

  • 302 for temporarily redirections

For more info check out on redirection rules for seo where you'll also find this picture

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