Select A Character If Some Character From A List Is Before The Character

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I have this regular expression:


This regex selects č- from my text:

sme! a Želiezovce 2015: Spoloíč-
ne pre Európu. Oslávili aj 940.

But I want to select only - (without č) (if some character from the list [a-záäéěíýóôöúüůĺľŕřčšťžňď] is before the -).



In other languages you would use a lookbehi//" >lookbehind


This matches -$\s* only if it's preceded by one of the characters in the list.

However, Javascript doesn't have lookbehind, so the workaround is to use a capturing group for the part of the regular expression after it.

var match = /[a-záäéěíýóôöúüůĺľŕřčšťžňď](-$\s*)/gmi.match(string);

When you use this, match[1] will contain the part of the string beginning with the hyphen.