Save Name Instead Of Id From Select Component In Laravel Collective

I want to save the name of a department in the table employees, in the select component it displays the name but saves the id, so I think the problem is in it.

This is the select component:

{{Form::select('nombre_dep', $departamentos, null, array('class'=>'form-control', 'placeholder'=>'Asignar departamento'))}}

In my controller I have this for returning to the view:

$departamentos = departamento::pluck('nombre_dep', 'id');

In the model for employee I have this for relation:

public function departamentos(){
        return $this->belongsTo('App\departamentos');

I expect to save in that field for example: production instead of 1 that could be id of the department



Perform the pluck specifying in the key parameter (the second parameter), the field from which you want to get the value to use in the value attribute of the select.

$departamentos = departamento::pluck('nombre_dep', 'nombre_dep');

Then when you pass the $departamentos array to the Laravel Collective select(), it will create an <option> element for each array element, using the array key as value attribute and the array value as option tag content.

{{ Form::select('nombre_dep', $departamentos) }}