SageMaker NodeJS's SDK Is Not Locking The API Version

I am running some code in AWS Lambda that dynamically creates SageMaker models. I am locking Sagemaker's API version like so:

const sagemaker = new AWS.SageMaker({apiVersion: '2017-07-24'});

And here's the code to create the model:

await sagemaker.createModel({
        ExecutionRoleArn: 'xxxxxx',
        ModelName: sageMakerConfigId,
        Containers: [{
            Image: ecrUrl

This code runs just fine locally with aws-sdk on 2.418.0.

However, when this code is deployed to Lambda, it doesn't work due to some validation errors upon creating the model:

  • MissingRequiredParameter: Missing required key 'PrimaryContainer' in params
  • UnexpectedParameter: Unexpected key 'Containers' found in params

Is anyone aware of existing bugs in the aws-sdk for NodeJS using the SDK provided by AWS in the Lambda context? I believe the SDK available inside AWS Lambda is more up-to-date than 2.418.0 but apparently there are compatibility issues.



As you've noticed the 'embedded' lambda version of the aws-sdk lags behind. It's actually on 2.290.0 (you can see the full details on the environment here:

You can see here: that it is not until 2.366.0 that the params for this method included Containers and did not require PrimaryContainer.

As you've noted, the workaround is to deploy your lambda with the aws-sdk version that you're using. This is sometimes noted as a best practice, as it pins the aws-sdk on the functionality you've built and tested against.