Running Redux Example Without Nodejs Server?

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Im newbie with node, redux, webpack and react. I found this examples:

I successfully run the Universal example. But my client doesn't want to run node.js server on production.. Is there anyway I could generate bundle.js at build time and upload everything to their server?

All examples i found use webpack-dev-server (node express server), is it possible to create bundle file and simply serve it as a simple static file?



I'm facing the same issue. I wanna migrate a jsp views based Spring MVC app into a Redux/React client with the Spring as a data API/Backend for the client webapp, but with server side rendering benefits (Universal javascript).

For angular apps (only client side js), it's easy to serve a bundle for the browser, and then communicate with the backend via ajax, but with server side rendering everything gets more complicated.

The 2 questions I ask myself is: It does really worth all the extra complexity and worlf is: It does really worth all the extra complexity and work on architecture setting and maintaining? Will my innovation turn my project into daily headaches, caused by new development features and possible issues/bugs on production?

If your client is not going to appreciate, or really get much value (from a non-tech point of view), of your server side rendering architecture, maybe is not the best idea to give an extra frame of complexity to your project.

Best luck!