Running Google Analytics In Iframe?

Our company runs a web site ( with affiliate partners who send us traffic. In some cases, we set up our affiliates with their own subdomain (, and they display selected content from our site on their site ( using an iframe.

Example of a page on their site:

<iframe src="">
[google analytics code for]
[google analytics code for]

We would like to have Google Analytics tracking for At present, it does not seem that Google is receiving any data from the affiliate when the page is loaded from the iframe.

Now, there are security implications in that Javascript doesn't like accessing information about a page in a different domain, and IE doesn't like setting cookies for a different domain.

Does anyone have a solution to this? Will we need to CNAME the to, or is there a cleaner solution?



  1. You have to append the Google Analytics tracking code to the end of example_page.html. The content between the <iframe> - </iframe> tag only displays for browsers, which do not support that specific tag.

  2. Should you need to merge the results from the subdomains, there's an excellent article on Google's help site: How do I track all of the subdomains for my site in one profile?