Running An AccessDb 2016 Makro From Windows Task Scheduler

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I have a AccessDB Macro i want to run from the windows task scheduler which requires access to the mapped network drives of the user running the task.

After some initial trouble i found out, that since access 2016 the macros won't run when the access db is being executed as a background process. So i switched the type of the scheduled task to Windows 2003/XP which still executes the task in the foreground.

The problem with this apparently is, that using this type of task, the network connectivity is not available anymore.

Is there a way to run a Windows 2003/XP type task while still retaining the mapped network drives and network connection of the user that executes the task?

I launch the macro via

"path/to/msaccess.exe" "path/to/db.accdb" /X RunMacro


It is probably caused by the SMB network protocol.

Windows XP doesn't know about SMB2/3, while Windows 10 by default does not activate SMB1 because of a potential security risk.

However, it is simple to activate SMB1 in Windows 10 (feature select). So, if you can live with that security risk, you could try to activate the SMB1 protocol to see if that makes a difference. If not, it can be deactivated easily.