Ruby Array To Js Array In .js.erb File On Rails

I'm trying to turn a ruby array into a js array in a js.erb file. I've checked all questions on this in stack overflow but it isn't working for me.

Here is the function

  function c(c) {
   js_array = <%= raw @keys.to_json %>;
   b.selection.remove(), b.html.insert('js_array[0]');

It throws the error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of null

Im still learning js so im not sure what is going wrong here

The ruby @keys array defiantly has data in it because I'm printing that on the same page.

And if i change the array to js_array = ['gwfe', 'efw', 'efwe']; it works fine. This makes me believe something is going wrong when trying to convert the ruby array into a js array.



I assume, you are gettings @keys data from db or local. Could you try gon gem to pass the values from ruby to js. Here is the railscast tutorial for the same:

And see, if that works.

Let me know.