Retrieve Product By Handle With Shopify Javascript Buy SDK

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I am implementing a Shopify Store into a WordPress theme and one thing I need for that is a way to query Shopify products with the product handle instead of ID as shown on their docs:

The reason for this is what I want to have the single product view with a SEO friendly URL, built precisely from the product handle.

On Shopify's site someone mentions a non-documented way to achieve this, I couldn't however get it to work:

Have anyone had luck with this?



I think fetchQueryProducts() is what you're looking for. As an example:

var shopClient = ShopifyBuy.buildClient({
  apiKey: 'my_key',
  myShopifyDomain: 'your_myshopify_domain',
  appId: 6

shopClient.fetchQueryProducts({handle: 'your_product_handle'}).then(function(products) {
  // Your product is at products[0] if successful