'Resource' Does Not Exist In Current Context

I am working on an Android-Xamarin App with Visual Studio 2015. After I think it was the next-to-last Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin Update I have a problem.

In the whole solution, the Resources are not found

The name 'Resource' does not exist in the current context.

As seen in this screenshot: enter image description here

A suggested potential fix is to "using Android;"

That does not help me at all, as seen in the next screenshot: enter image description here

Now the error message is

'Resource.Id' does not contain a definition for 'IDNAME'

Maybe you can help me with this problem :-)

As additional information: I also got the problem discussed in this thread: Xamarin Android project cannot build because R$anim.class is in use

These two problems occurred at the same time till now.


Suppose in my Solution, the Project where the Resources are missing is called "ProjectName.Client.Droid". In this Project, there are folders like "Activities", "Adapter", "Fragment", ..., AND "Resources"

In the code, I can choose for example "ProjectName.Client.Droid.Fragment", in this case, IntelliSens even suggests ".Fragments" if I type "F"

I see every folder in the project except the Resources folder.

ProjectName.Client.Droid.Fragments      // works
ProjectName.Client.Droid.Resources      // not found


Meanwhile, this bug is fixed by updating VisualStudio and Xamarin.