Removing App Because It It Violates The Device And Network Abuse Policy

Starting from June 24th, 2019 Google started to delete apps which doesn't fit his new conditions; for example, all icons should to be square.

My app was deleted, too and Google sent me this e-mail:

After review, myApp name, your App, has been removed from Google Play because it violates the device and network abuse policy. The large dimensions of your app's launcher icon negatively impacts performance of some user devices.

Next Steps

  1. Make changes to your app icon to bring your app into compliance. Your app’s launcher icon size must not exceed 2048 x 2048.
  2. Read through the Device and Network Abuse policy for more details, and make sure your app complies with all policies listed in the Developer Program Policies.
  3. Sign in to your Play Console and submit the policy compliant update.

I have made all of this more than one time and they always deleted my app the next day.

My icon is now: 512*512 PNG, 32bit-color, 34,14 KB

I tried to use Image asset from Android Studio, and also tried to make my icon by myself.

All of this solutions got refused:

  • android:icon="@drawable/icon"
  • android:roundIcon="@mipmap/ic_launcher_round"

I think the problem now is not related to my icon, but I don't know what it is?



finally I got the answer, but I will say what I tried .

I were uploading a new version every time I need to change to notify them that they should to see the changes , and that was false .It is enough to to submit the update if you need just to change something in play console.

then I read some where that I should to look to all tracks alpha, beta, internal test, not just the production track. and I did it and delete an old version from test track. and resubmit the update. but it dosn't help in my case.

the problem was advanced managed Google Play features you can find it in store presence

-pricing and distreibution

-managed google play

you should simply to check in the checkbox.