Remove Duplicated Objects In JavaScript Array Not Working

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First of, I am aware that there are LOTS of answers on SO on this, but I am having some issues with them, that is why I post another question on this topic.

So here is my Array of Objects:

0: {id: 'lAYOUT', label: 'lAYOUT', items: 'val1'}
1: {id: 'tecst', label: 'tecst', items: 'val1'}
2: {id: 'tecst', label: 'tecst', items: 'val1'}

I am trying to filter out that there would be only 2 values, since there are 2 objects in array that are the same. I would like to make unique objects by items and label.

This is how I am trying to do it with lodash:

const filteredArray = uniq(nestedItems, (item, key, a) => item.items && item.label)

But it keeps returning me all 3 elements still.

I also tried it like this:

const filteredArray = [ Set(nestedItems)]


Using Filter get the particular object value, index and array. Using FindIndex get the particular array object. and compare filter object and findindex object, if it return false then push in new array! and make new unique array !

Try this code !

 let arr = [{ id: 'lAYOUT', label: 'lAYOUT', items: 'val1' },
    { id: 'tecst', label: 'tecst', items: 'val1' },
    { id: 'tecst', label: 'tecst', items: 'val1' }];

    let newArr = arr.filter((value, index, self) =>
      index === self.findIndex((t) => (
        t.label === value.label && t.items === value.items
    console.log(newArr, 'newArr');