Refreshing LinQ2SQL Model In Designer Without Losing All Properties

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so I'm using LinQ2SQL quite heavily in my current application, and although I have most stuff in partial classes, some things have to be adjusted in the VS Designer (like Accessors for fields I wrap). Then, sometimes I like to name Fields differently in the Model than they do in the DB.

So, my problem now is. When going back to changing a already known table I have only two options:

  • Introduce new fields through the designer manually
  • Delete the Table from the Model and newly import it from Server Explorer (losing properties)

Both ways are unsatisfactory. Is there some secret button I missed out that says "just refresh changes?" I mean, the model knows all mappings, it can't be that difficult to just get new things from the DB.

Any ways around this?



See this question.

Basically this isn't implemented in VS2008. Don't ask me why, maybe the guys at MS were so occupied that they completely forgot about this important feature.