Referencing A DM Channel

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I'm trying to create a command that allows users to create their password following prompts through DM. I'm able to send a message to the user, but not able to read a message sent back with a MessageCollector because I cannot find a way to reference the DM channel.

I have tried using another instance of bot.on("message", message) here, but that creates a leak in the system causing the second instance to never disappear.

I also can't let users use a command say !CreatePassword *** because this function is linked with many others in a strict order.

Maybe I'm doing something fundamentally wrong, or approaching the problem in a bad way, but I need a way to reference a DM channel.

This is the best iteration of my code so far.

function createAccount(receivedMessage, embedMessage)
    const chan = new Discord.DMChannel(bot,;

    const msgCollector = new Discord.MessageCollector(chan , m => ==;
    msgCollector.on("collect", (message) => 
        // Other Code
        // Removing an embed message on the server, which doesn't have a problem.

I can show the rest of my code if necessary.

Thank you for your time. I've lost an entire night of sleep over this.



I would do it like this (I'll assume that receivedMessage is the message that triggered the command, correct me if I'm wrong)

async function createAccount(receivedMessage, embedMessage) {
  // first send a message to the user, so that you're sure that the DM channel exists.
  let firstMsg = await"Type your password here");

  let filter = () => true; // you don't need it, since it's a DM.
  let collected = await, {
      maxMatches: 1, // you only need one message
      time: 60000 // the time you want it to run for

  if (collected && collected.size > 0) {
    let password = collected.first().content.split(' ')[0]; // grab the password
    collected.forEach(msg => msg.delete()); // delete every collected message (and so the password)
    await firstMsg.edit("Password saved!"); // edit the first message you sent
  } else await firstMsg.edit("Command timed out :("); // no message has been received

  firstMsg.delete(30000); // delete it after 30 seconds