ReactJS/JSX support in Netbeans IDE

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I've just downloaded Netbeans 8.1 for PHP. Based on , it appears that there is no native ReactJS/JSX support. Is anyone using this for react. Are there any workarounds? I'm been using Netbeans for years and would hate to have to move to a different IDE.




Well, i'm a Netbeans user too, but because of needs like this, i've switched myself from Netbeans to Sublime (first) and now to Atom for Frontend development and honestly, the workflow is great. I use ReactJS, AngularJS and VueJS, and for all of this Atom fits my needs.

Atom uses packages (like plugins) to support all of this, here's what i use for React:

The package adds:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Snippets
  • Automatic indentation and folding
  • JSX Reformatting
  • HTML to JSX conversion
  • Autocomplete

Something important to remember is that sometimes Atom uses the wrong syntax highlight for some reason, so, in JSX files just click in the bottom right corner (next to the encoding) and you can select your filetype there (for ReactJS, should be Javascript(JSX)) and everything should be fine :)

I invite you to try it, its a great experience and for backend development (in my case, PHP) Netbeans is way better, from a lot of benefits that in frontend you might not need (the most to me is think is "Go to declaration", which in frontend i don't have/need).

If you want to know what other packages i use that might help you in frontend development just let me know and i'll update this post :)

Good luck!