RainLab Plugin Builder Issues With Reordering

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I'm trying to use the RainLab Plugin Builder and I'm having an issue when trying to reorder a series of inputted information.

At first, I was getting an error of...

"The model must implement the NestedTree or Sortable Trait."

So I looked at October CMS documentation for reordering and added use \October\Rain\Database\Traits\Sortable; to the plugin model. Now I'm getting the error of...

"Unknown column 'sort_order' in 'order clause' (SQL: select * from jcbbuller_projects_ order by sort_order asc)"

Is this because I didn't implement the sortable model trait until after I had inputted information into the fields? I have three test items pushed to this plugin's database so far, just to test out the reordering function.



Your table is missing sort_order column.

Please read this manual :

from plugin builder just add sort_order column and default it to 0. in migration file it should look like below code for sort_order column.


if any doubt please comment.