Rails: How Do You Access RESTful Helpers?

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I'm trying to work through this guide to Rails routing, but I got stuck in section 3.3:

Creating a RESTful route will also make available a pile of helpers within your application

and then they list some helpers like photos_url, photos_path, etc.

My questions:

Where can I find the complete list of helpers that is "made available?"

Is there a way to call the helpers in the console? I created an app, then opened up the console with script/console. I tried to call one of the helpers on the console like this:

>> entries_url

But got:

NameError: undefined local variable or method `entries_url' for #<Object:0x349a4>
    from (irb):8


You have several questions in there, most of which have already been answered by people below.

The answer to one that wasn't fully addressed however, is: yes you can use the script/console to see where your routes go. Just type in app.[route_helper] and it will respond with the path. For example app.users_path will return /users/

So for your example type app.entries_url for the full URL - or app.entries_path for its relative path within the console.