Rails + AngularJS + (local Server) Setup Not Rendering Pages

I am trying to setup server locally. I am Rails + AngularJs app.

Already pulled prerender repo and started the server with node.

$ export PORT=3001
$ node server.js
2015-03-13T08:15:48.152Z starting worker thread #0
2015-03-13T08:15:48.159Z starting worker thread #1
2015-03-13T08:15:48.161Z starting worker thread #2
2015-03-13T08:15:48.163Z starting worker thread #3
2015-03-13T08:15:48.506Z starting phantom on port [12301]
2015-03-13T08:15:48.523Z Server running on port 3001
2015-03-13T08:15:48.524Z starting phantom on port [12304]
2015-03-13T08:15:48.526Z starting phantom on port [12303]
2015-03-13T08:15:48.530Z starting phantom on port [12302]
2015-03-13T08:15:48.541Z Server running on port 3001
2015-03-13T08:15:48.548Z Server running on port 3001
2015-03-13T08:15:48.558Z Server running on port 3001
2015-03-13T08:15:51.750Z started phantom
2015-03-13T08:15:51.755Z started phantom
2015-03-13T08:15:51.757Z started phantom
2015-03-13T08:15:51.758Z started phantom
2015-03-13T08:15:56.715Z getting 

If I hit below URL , I am getting page rendered properly .


But when using Rails Prerender middleware , Page is not rendering and its show empty page. I am hitting below URL.


It seems , its correctly hitting server and response with status 200 , but page is not displayed.

enter image description here

Output with escape fragment

enter image description here

Any help will be much appreciable. I can provide more details if need.


enter image description here

Response from

enter image description here



Are you using the Thin webserver? You should make sure you're using a multi process server like Puma or Unicorn since the Rails blocks I/O waiting for the Prerender response.