Processing Binary Data Containing Different Length

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So I have some binary data that I read, process and need to "split" into different variables, like this:

int *buffer;
buffer = malloc(size); 
buffer = foo(buffer);

The result looks something like this in my debugger:

01326A18 5F4E8E19 5F0A0000

I want the first byte ( 01 ) to be int a.
The following 4 bytes are the first timestamp b (should be 5F186A32)
The following 4 bytes are the second timestamp c (should be 5F198E4E)
The 0A is supposed to be int d.

My Problem is that I can put the 1 into a, with (*buffer) & 0xff;,
but I'm not able to read the first timestamp correctly since its from second to 5th byte and not align with the int declaration of the buffer. If I print *(buffer +1) it gives me the second int and prints "198E4E5F" It would be better if I were able to target n byte from every position in my data.

thx in advance.



Something like this will work on most little-endian platforms. Just fread the same way.

struct {
  uint8_t a;
  uint32_t timeStamp1;
  uint32_t timeStamp2;
  uint8_t d;
} buffer __attribute__((packed));
assert(sizeof buffer == 10);  /* check packing */