Pricing For Adding Specific AJAX Controls To Your Website?

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I am going to start and develop a e-commerce website for someone, i just wanted to now if i were to create som AJAX Controls for the site how much should i charge?

The kind of AJAX Control would be where a user clicks on a product and pops open a div element in the center of the screen with the product item and information and an add to basket button. The add to basket button will use an AJAX call and will perform the steps to add the item to the basket.

There will be other AJAX Controls i want to talk to him about but if i can have a general idea of how much this type of control would cost, then i can decide on how much other AJAX Controls can be priced.

i would love some feedback, and would be greatfull.




  1. What is your hourly rate
  2. Multiply this rate by the estimated # of hours it will take you