Price Range Filter In Opencart

I have the filter module installed in Opencart V2 that filters products on a variety of attributes. They are all check boxes.

I want customers to be able to filter products using a price range slider. There are a lot of modules available online, however most are for V1.5.

How would I go about incorporating a range <input> to filter my prices?

I could add a price attribute in filters, however this limits the customer to a variety of check boxes - and I need my pricing to be extremely accurate (it will be displaying over 50,000 products).

Is there a way I can edit the current filter module, and not create a new one?



Solved my problem using this extension here:

I am using the default theme, with stylesheet modifications. It wasn't working at first as I had modified the category.tpl file to such an extent that the plugin wasn't working correctly.

Resetting the .tpl file to it's defaults and making new changes, it now works.