PhpStorm Warnings On Incorrect Objects (Laravel)

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I have been cleaning up some PhpStorm warnings using PHPDoc and in some cases there are objects referenced incorrectly. Here's an example:

$Title = $currentSlide->createRichTextShape(); 

CreateRichTextShape() returns as RichText as seen here:

 * Create rich text shape
 * @return \PhpOffice\PhpPresentation\Shape\RichText
public function createRichTextShape()
    $shape = new RichText();
    return $shape;

This all works fine.

Then I try to call a function within RichText such as:

$textRun = $Title->createTextRun( 'Title' );

However, when hovering over the code I receive this warning:

this warning.

PhpStorm thinks CreateRichTextShape() is returning an AbstractShape when it is actually returning a RichText, so it can't find the function within AbstractShape even though it exists and is documented correctly.

Note that there are no actual errors in this code - it runs fine. Just want to get rid of the warnings.



At least regarding Laravel Projects, you can clear this up in PhpStorm by adding

/** @var RichText $Title */

before the variable/method.