PhpStorm .idea In GIT Issues

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In order to keep codestyles the same for every team member, our projects have PhpStorm config files as a part of GIT.


VCS contains config files in .idea. Files list:

  • codeStyles/codeStyleConfig.xml
  • sqldialects.xml
  • inspectionProfiles/Project_defaults.xml;


  • The project root directory is shown empty;
  • Indexation problems (the indexation process never finishes)
  • Trees display errors (files are not shown in some directories, always "loading files...")


If I delete the entire .idea folder with the files in it and PhpStorm reinitializes the settings, everything seemingly works fine.

Have anyone else encountered something similar? What can you recommend?



Yes, that the known problem when .idea folder is present and not empty but does not have minimal needed files (cannot say for sure, but I guess the IDE wants to see workspace.xml and maybe *.iml + modules.xml to avoid this issue). -- watch this ticket (star/vote/comment) to get notified on the progress.

What can you recommend?

Sadly I've got nothing significant to suggest from my end. I simply do not face such problem (can easily manually workaround it if needed).

The only thing I may suggest is:

  • Make a new project without .idea folder in it.

  • Once the project is created, close it in the IDE and overwrite those files (a simple copy-paste will do just fine).