Php Artisan Up Command Not Working In Laravel?

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I have this very strange problem in laravel. I successfully put my website into maintenance mode via artisan by this command:

php artisan down

But now i have to put my website back into live mode.I tried:

php artisan up

However, the site isn't going live even though i get success message? Have you guys ever faced this issue? Whats the fix?

I'm on :

1. Macbook pro Mamp
2. Laravel 5.1




artisan up command simply deletes storage/framework/down file. Please check if the file exits after you execute the up command. If it still exists, it seems like a file access issue. Whenever you run down/up commands, make sure that you run them as the same user that is running your application.

In order to get the site up and running again, remove the storage/framework/down file manually.