Passing Viewbag Variable To Component From Theme Settings

On Octobercms theme settings i use a yaml file:

    label: Number
    type: number
    span: left
    tab: Index
    default: 3

On index.htm page i use a partial featuredProducts of component with alias featuredProducts

On component featuredProducts viewBag i use this variable:

perPage = "{{ product_count }}"

I try to pass variable product_count from theme settings yaml file to components viewBag but without success. Any idea on how can do it?



You need to use component's property functionality and it's onRender() method.

Page's markup section

{% component 'featuredProducts' perPage=this.theme.product_count %}

Component's onRender() method: make sure to use onRender() method as props will be available there.

public function onRender() {
    // with default value of 3, if theme value is not already set
    $perPage = $this->property('perPage', 3); 

    // now use $perPage to fetch records
    $this->page['items'] = SomeModel::limit($perPage)->get();

    // items will be available in markup for use

If any doubts please comment.