On Octobercms Inject CSS From Partial

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I try to inject Javascript and Css from partial using this:

function onStart()


On my layout i'm using {% styes %} and {% scripts %}, however only javascripts are succesfully injected. Css are not injected.

I also used {% put scripts %} and {% put styles %} but only scripts are injected again.

If i use the above code directly on my layout.htm css are injected, but i need this function on my partials. Is this possible?



It seems {% styles %}is respecting hierarchy.

means if you use {% styles %} before your partial it will not inject css for that partial.

so your partial which are coming after {% styles %} , it do not have information of it so it will not inject styles from it.

for example. you are including css/js in code section onStart in your partial then,

This will work

<!-- it will work -->
{% partial 'site/meta' %} <- you are injecting styles in code section
{% styles %} <- its after partial

This will not work

<!-- it will not work -->
{% styles %} <- its before partial
{% partial 'site/meta' %} <- you are injecting styles in code section

So, we can just make sure we include/inject all styles then use {% styles %} so it have all information about css included/injecting. then it can render all the style tags with css.

if any doubt please comment.