OctoberCMS RecordFinder Create Record

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Is it possible to create a new record using the Record Finder? Or if there are other form widget that's built for this feature?

For example, in a Department, there are Officers.

If an officer already exists in the database, the user can just select the officer to be added to that department.

However, if the user intends to assign an officer to a department which does not yet exist in the database, there would be a form that will automatically create the officer and then assign it to the department.

Is this possible? Currently, I am using RecordFinder with Repeater, since the relationship is Many to Many. Thank you!



"if there are other form widget that's built for this feature" - yes fortunately october CMS is having Relation Manager dedicated to this job.

you can combine form + Relation behavior which will give you functionality which you required.

I highly recommend watch this video tutorial from auther it will solve your problem surely.

for more confrontational help you can check its api here :

if you still face any difficulties please comment.