OctoberCMS Rain User Plugin Not Working Or Redirecting

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I'm trying to build a basic one-page site that is restricted to members only. However, I can't seem to get the User plugin working. Below are the following two pages that I thought I would need to accomplish this:

Home (home.htm)

title = "Site name"
url = "/"
layout = "default"
is_hidden = 0

security = "all"
{% component 'session' %}

{% if user %}
    <p>Hello {{ }}</p>
{% else %}
    <p>Nobody is logged in</p>
{% endif %}

Login (login.htm)

title = "Login"
url = "/login/:code?"
layout = "default"
is_hidden = 0

redirect = "home"
paramCode = "code"
function onStart() {
  Flash::success('Flash working!');
{% partial 'messages' %}
{% component 'account' %}

Some things to note:

  • the "default" layout is literally just some HTML around {% page %}
  • the partial is just so I could test Flash messaging since the documentation says it uses it
  • I have tried many different configuration and I know the homepage is not locked down at the moment -- I am just trying to get stuff working first

All of that being said, the issue is that I'm going to the following URL (if I'm running via php artisan serve): http://localhost:8000/login and try to login with some user I have setup. I have made sure they are activated. Registration is disabled. Throttling is disabled. Activation required is disabled. But I put the credentials into the login form and then am taken to: http://localhost:8000/login?login=username&password=password

Any advice would be awesome. I feel like I'm missing something so stupid and so small.



Solved it today thanks to October chat. The issue was this was missing the AJAX framework provided with October. Basically in October a "valid" theme uses the built in Jquery/AJAX frameworks with October. This is the code I had to add to the layout to get things rolling:

<script src="{{['@jquery','@framework']|theme}}" ></script>