OctoberCMS Plugin Update Url

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I am planning on making several custom / proprietary plugin for a project I'm developing.

Those plugin that I maintain will need to be able to update independently using OctoberCMS Plugin Updates mechanism, but because of various reasons, I will not be registering those plugins in the marketplace.

Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

Solution by spunky on freenode:

  • Drop / symlink / or just place your plugin folder inside ~/plugin, making sure that it's accessible by the server
  • Logout of backend
  • Log back in
  • All db migrations and all other stuff should be handled by OctoberCMS


October CMS now (October 2019) supports private plugins and themes. These plugins will never show up in the marketplace but can be added to a project and thus be updated using OctoberCMS Plugin Updates mechanism.

For more information see: