OctoberCMS Or Pure Laravel

I need to create a web app (product/estimates configurator) + ecommerce + website and I can't decide between Laravel or OctoberCMS + writing custom plugins.

I need to create some static pages (October would be great for those) and a backend to manage estimates for a single user (an independent contractor): I need to interpolate data from a database of spare parts and calculate the final price including the labour cost.

At the first stage the contractor will manage manually the customer care and will send the estimate to the applicant.

At a later stage the applicant would be able to buy a spare part from the web store bypassing the contractor (e.g., when he only needs a spare part and is able to install it by himself), so it will be a real e-commerce platform.

Can't really know if OctoberCMS can help me developing faster but will go against me when I'll need further customizations.

Has anyone been in the same situation?



You can totally go with OctoberCMS as you can see its built upon Laravel.

Pages will act as The controller and add plugin components for business logic. [ this will work same like controller/actions]

Also, you are able to add static content to pages. and use them as static HTML pages.

You can add Laravel components/packages to your plugin and directly use them like you use it in Laravel

and upon that, if you need to add some RAW Laravel functionality you can add that as well from the root directory, artisan console commander is there composer is there all config file is there so no issue there.

New OctoberCMS is based on Laravel 5.5 so you have Plus point, it can support all latest packages as well.

You can add your custom controller and just use it like Laravel project.

So I would say using OctoberCMS will give you more functionalities.

  • out of the box user session management [Plugins needed]
  • static HTML pages
  • Better List management of table data [Backend lists]
  • Lots of Plugins
  • Better Ajax support

If any other issue please comment.