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I have a controller implements Backend\Behaviors\FormController and Backend\Behaviors\ListController I'm able to update or delete selected records from the list (delete by clicking the delete button and update by double click), however, I can't find a way to add preview link to the list and I can't find that mentioned in the documentation. Maybe the answer is easy but I'm still missing it.

I'm able to preview any records if I enter the preview link manually in the URL bar. e.g.


I just want to add the above preview link next to each record in the list.

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Based on the comments above, the only way to do it is by list partials:

You should define custom list column, quoting OctoberCMS documentation:


partial - renders a partial, the path value can refer to a partial view file otherwise the column name is used as the partial name. Inside the partial these variables are available: $value is the default cell value, $record is the model used for the cell and $column is the configured class object Backend\Classes\ListColumn.

    type: partial
    path: ~/plugins/acme/blog/models/comments/_content_column.htm
source: stackoverflow.com